Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is the most diverse production event that Team Audio facilitates. Alison has Production managed and Mark Technical managed it since its inception in 2006. The event has grown substantially in that time and presented increasing organisational and technical challenges. The event involves planning scheduling and supervising the installation by subcontractors of temporary services (Water, Waste, Power, Ground protection and Networks) plus other Site necessities (Catering, Fencing temporary Toilets Showers and Offices) all in order to facilitate the arrival and build of over 100 Rides and Festive Attractions each with there own construction challenges. Such a busy complex site is of course not achieved without close collaboration with Stakeholders the Producers (PWR Events) and an experienced Production and Health and Safety team. There are also many audio elements to this Event designed by Team Audio including a network linking all audio systems through the central control room to provide the same music to all areas and also to allow all music to be faded out and Site wide announcement to be broadcast in case of emergencies. Music performance areas are also monitored and loudness levels recorded. This data can be referenced to the data of the offsite noise monitoring positions providing the organisers a reliable record of the audio impact of the event and the ability to identify if adjustments should be made.

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